Make your home summer-ready.

Make your home summer-ready.

With the onset of the summer season, it is time to make our homes and routines summer-ready. Little planning eases the transition into the new season.

Take care of your belongings.

Take special care of your belongings to ensure their longevity and gentle changes into the routine without getting overwhelmed.

Removal of Blankets:

Remove the warm blankets and replace them with light A.C quilts. Get your blankets dry clean and pack them in blanket covers. Store them in lofts to keep them safe, clean, and ready for many more winters ahead. When it starts to rain in order to prevent moisture-related damage, place an absorber in the area around.

Cleaning of Bedding:

Before placing the summer bedding don’t forget to deep clean your bed. Remove the mattress and you will see a lot of dust and hair strands on the edges. Clean them using a vacuum cleaner or regular brush. Clean and wipe the bed nicely for smooth and relaxed sleep during summers. For a good night's sleep, it is also very important to invest in a good mattress.

During summer, change your bedding to pure cotton with light colors and prints. The touch and feel of cotton are so relaxing.

Looking after Living Area:

Change the living room curtains with cotton and lighter shades. Sheer curtains help filter bright sunlight and will keep your indoor plants protected from getting damaged or burnt.

Covering Couch:

During summer, a sofa made of leather vaccine or other synthetic material can be inconvenient due to the sticky feel. An inexpensive solution is to cover the sofa with cotton sofa covers or cotton bed sheets.

AC servicing:

Get your A.C serviced and filters clean in advance to avoid any hassles during the peak summers. Clean the exterior and top as well where a lot of dust gets accumulated.

Cool, the Home with indoor plants:

The change of season to summer also brings a change in direction of the Sun. In winters mostly all the plants stay on the balcony. In summer you can prefer to have plants indoors. Getting some new plants is so rejuvenating. Visiting a local nursery will make you happy and excited.

Packing the Winter closet:

Just like how we pack and store our warm bedding we also need to pack our woolen clothes well, so that they can last for years ahead. Wash and dry them nicely. Store them nicely folded in a good quality container and keep them in the loft.

Before keeping back summer clothes in the closet don’t forget to purge the clothes and items that are of no use anymore.

Health Care:

Staying hydrated is important. A lot of people forget to drink water and realize only when dehydration starts showing mild symptoms. To avoid this plan to keep water bottles and jugs all around the house. Hopefully, this will cut down your laziness of getting up when engrossed in some work. Keeping warm water at arm's distance and clearly visible will lower the chances of forgetting it.

One of the best parts of summer is the return of amazing refreshing drinks, including coconut water, lemonade, and fresh fruit juices.

These were some of the ideas of that how to start the happy days of summer ahead.

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