Lahore, a city surrounded by diverse food culture is also famous as the food capital of Pakistan. Every restaurant offers a unique taste in its cuisines making it distinguishable from others. You can have easy access to various dishes ranging from Western Cuisine to incredible Desi food in Lahore.

So if you are a foodie and you have got a chance to visit Lahore don’t miss to pay a visit to these top 5 restaurants and get cherished by the taste.


This restaurant comes with various special diets including Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal, and Gluten-Free servings of BBQ, Asian and Pakistani. The structure of the restaurant is the perfect blend of country and contemporary Architect. Monal Lahore has made its mark in Lahore food Market by offering several features for foodaholics. Even after having an extreme rush, there is no flaw in service. The approach to the restaurant is through the parking lot, cars go up to 8th floor next 2 floors one has to take a dingy elevator. The view is amazing. You see the busy city from a distance where it is calm and quiet!


Located in the historic walled city Lahore with stunning views of Badshahi Mosque and the Lahore Fort, Andaaz comes with a unique Dining option. With Andaaz is indeed a true Journey for the Food Lover! Andaaz restaurant,  represents the area through its ornamentation and traditional cuisine.

On the ground floor, there is a mini-museum of sorts, filled with both vintage and antique items. The stair walls are also decorated with artifacts collected by the owner over the years. The use of aftaba and chilamchi for hand washing before and after the meal, and the copper utensils are a nice touch to match the conventional theme.


 The food is copious and excellent and the waiters do their best with limited English. Haveli Restaurant is located in the historic Haveli Khalil Khan, which is an architectural landmark of the Fort Road Food Street in Lahore.

Starting with basics, the menu offers a wide range of starters, main course, drinks, and desserts. BBQ, platters, Chinese, fast food, breakfast, continental, seafood, they have it all covered. Then there's the antique balcony and furniture. All wood and iron and mostly handcrafted. You're already sold the moment you enter. Finally, the mesmeric view of Badshahi masjid. What's there to be said about it. All the stories you've heard about people being stunned at first sight are true. One can compare with Night view from Monal in Islamabad or Do Darya in Karachi, and won't be overstating.


Lahore visit is incomplete without visiting spice Bazar, it’s good to book in advance because of the rush. They serve the best mutton and chicken soup and the same goes for brain masala.

One of the best desi/local cuisine restaurants in Lahore. Spice Bazar’s food is always cooked to perfection with just the right balance of spices. That coupled with great service makes this an excellent eatery. Along with the food, their local desserts are to die for.


Arcadian Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Lahore. The restaurant has an amazing ambiance; the customer service is outstanding. The food served here is amazing and the presentation is also worth seeing. The environment is very fragile. In the end, this is the recommended place to visit.

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